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If you are in the NY area or close to it.  Mike teaches private lessons in person.  If you are far away Skype or FaceTime would be a better option, click here for details.

If you want to take your playing to the next level, this is for you.  Mike can transform your playing from a total beginner to a pro in a short period of time.  Mike caters to each person and their individual needs, much like a doctor.  Mike has taught thousands of lessons and a lot of his students have became successful, recording artists or touring the world.  Also, Mike has been teaching lessons in major publications all over the world for years.

Mike will teach you scales, chords, music theory, melody, sight reading etc and he will show you how to play your favorite songs.  All levels and styles are offered.  If you are interested in totally transforming your playing and want to become the player you always dreamed of, sign up today. See testimonials from current & past students here.

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