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Perfect Circle

Posted by on Mar 9, 2004

By Matt Cafissi

Mike , first of all your surname is Italian …

Well my Dad was born in Calabria,Italy and came to the US when he was 4 years old.I do have relatives in italy which i never get to see,Hopefully someday ill get a chance to go there and see them.

Tell me about your latest cd called “Full Circle” and other stuff .

My First Solo album is “Total Freedom” which is only available on cassette on my website right now.But “Full Circle” my Latest CD is over 74 minutes long,With a variety of styles of music.Theres a Mixture of Rock,Jazz and Blues with Mostly Instrumentals,there are also some Vocal tracks as well.The Cd contains Acoustic and Electric guitar pieces. Alot of the songs on the Cd i play Most of the instruments And recorded half of it in my Home studio, I think this has helped me grow as a Musician .This is all mixed together like a soup,Which i call “just Music”

Your musical influences (guitarists and other) ?

My first musical Influence was Black Sabbath,i was totally Obsessed.I was into Van Halen,Ozzy with Randy Rhoads, Led Zepplin.Jimi Hendrix is also a big influence on me.My brother turned me on to ALDimeola ,Santana and Stevie Ray Vaughan when i was a Kid. Yngwie Malmsteen Became a big Influence, also Paganini and Holdsworth .My High school Days i was a speed freek.These days i listen to a Variety of Music Classical,Fusion.etc. I like Eric Johnson, Steve Vai, Scott Henderson ,Also.im very open minded.Its make me more versatile as a player.

What do you think about the famous GIT Institute ? Tell me about your experience .

I think GIT is a great sohool.Its probably one of the best years of my life.Theres so many Amazing players at that school.It made me aware of Many other styles of music. I had some great teachers i really learned alot,I cant say enough about it.Alot of Great Memories.

A personal site web is very important for underground musicians like you ?

These days i think a website is nessasary.Because Anyone in the world can come to your site.Listen to your Music,Buy your cds,Find where your playing. Record labels can easily check you out.Its a whole nother world, Its the way of the future………. So Dont forget to check out my site