Mike’s Skills are Staggering

“I remember being blown away by Mike’s playing the first time I heard him in Hilton Music. We were both teenagers and he was way ahead of me and just about everyone else I knew. Frankly, I was somewhat intimidated by his skill but his easygoing, friendly nature allowed me to get past that and I signed up for some lessons. Mike’s command of the instrument is staggering as is his ability to graciously share his knowledge as a teacher. I consider my lessons with Mike to be an important step in my musical journey. I have since gone on to record albums in NY, LA, Chicago, El Paso, and Baltimore. I have worked with many producers including Grammy-winner Neil Kernon and played sold-out shows to thousands of people on multiple tours. I am currently working on my tenth record of original.”
Brian McGarvey |The Clay People, Outlaw Mystic, Sleep Maps, Wetwerks

So Happy I Chose Mike For My Lessons!

“I first started taking guitar lessons with Mike a little over two years ago. I had gone to Guitar Center to ask about lessons and the guy I spoke with gave me a few names in the Albany area, but he specifically recommended Mike Campese and told me I wouldn’t be sorry. So, I took a chance and chose Mike as a guitar instructor and I couldn’t be happier that I did. When I had my first lesson with him, I could barely play a simple chord. He was patient and helpful and has helped me come so far as a guitar player. He was always more than willing to teach me any kind of song I brought to him. Not only have I learned how to play guitar but I’ve also learned so much about music in general, from reading it to writing it. Even after moving out of the Albany area, Mike offered to give me lessons over Skype and it’s been going great. When I have my lessons with him it honestly just feels like I’m playing music with a friend. He’s one of the most talented musicians I’ve ever met and I’m so glad I chose him as a teacher.”
Kristy Rama

Dedicated and Professional Teacher!

“If you’re looking for a guitar teacher who can teach any age, any style, any ability of guitar playing I would recommend Mike Campese. In the past two years of seriously dedicating myself to learning how to play guitar, Mike has taken me from a very entry-level player to playing some of my favorite riffs, chops, and melodies. Mike is a dedicated, professional teacher who will take the time to show you how to transform your playing. From blues to rock to all-out shredding Mike can teach and play it. Mike’s latest CD Chameleon is an awesome example of Mike playing and knowledge of music. I am looking forward to learning everything I can from Mike and continuing to grow as a guitar player.”
Clark Smith

Mike Made Me Feel Like a Rock Star!

”have been a student of Mike Campese for 5 years now and I have to say, before my first lesson with Mike I couldn’t solo or pick accurately at all. When I walked out of my first lesson I felt like a rockstar. Mike has transformed my guitar playing from slow melodic leads to ripping fast solos. I could not ask for a better guitar teacher, he’s not only my guitar teacher, he is my friend and he has an amazing way of teaching!!”
JJ Savage

Unintimidating Teaching Style!

“Thank you so much for your instruction and encouragement over the last year. You have helped me achieve a long-term goal of learning guitar. I had zero musical ability and thought it would be impossible for an adult to learn from scratch. I’m proud to say, I can play along with a few of my favorite songs and even nailed a couple of solos with your help. You’re teaching style is so laid back and unintimidating despite your ability. Thanks again.”
Pat Fennelly

Excellent Guitarist & Outstanding Teacher!

“I am 65 years old and have played musical instruments since my teenage years.  I have been playing rhythm guitar for all of that time and was really at the point where I didn’t know how much I didn’t know about guitar.  Since starting with Mike, almost 2 years ago, I am now aware of how much knowledge there is to be learned and have increased my skills (and knowledge level) by at least 100%.  Mike is not only an excellent guitarist, but an outstanding teacher as well. (I should be able to spot a good teacher since I am a retired principal/teacher for 40 years.)  I can’t think of anyone more qualified to teach any student at any level of experience.”
Gary Beadnell

Very Knowledgable & Remarkable!

“My name is Ken and I have trained with Mike Campese since 2013. The store of knowledge Mike possesses is incredible. The combination of music theory with real-world experience sets him apart from other instructors I have worked with. He is remarkable.”
Ken Clark

great value!

Go to YouTube, type in Mike Campese and you will be amazed with his ability.  Combine that with his vast knowledge of the guitar, you have an incredible guitar teacher who is a great guy and very personable.  Here are the reasons to take lessons from Mike; Listens to what you want to achieve and gets you there.  Keeps you from developing bad tendencies.  Creates a level of accountability that you don’t get from an online course.  The use of FaceTime or Skype allows you to take lessons anywhere.  Last but not least great value for all you get.  Thanks Mike!
Pete Spoor 4 years

Exceptional Teacher!

In 1987 I spent my entire life savings – earned from baby-sitting my bratty little sister and cousin the entire summer – on a second hand maroon Washburn guitar with a smooth matte finish.  Night after night I studied tablature, read Guitar World, and learned riffs of the greats.  I had a whole lotta love for that sweet guitar and it’s been a part of my life ever since.  Winter 2020 I started taking lessons with Mike Campese – and I learned more in my first two years of lessons with Mike than I did my entire guitar journey.  Mike quickly identified some basic guitar fundamentals I was completely lacking. While frustrating to go far backwards the time investment quickly proved more than worth it as my speed and accuracy has improved by at least 30%, not to mention my knowledge of music theory and confidence of the fretboard.  Whether you’re a seasoned player or a beginner, you will learn a lot from Mike!! He is an exceptional teacher & musician and I’m honored to be his student.  Thanks Mike!
Wade Vickers

Really Pleased

I’ve been taking lessons from Mike for about a month now, it is very easy to understand and I’m enjoying it a lot.
The drills he has shown me has increased my speed etc.
I’m really pleased with the lessons.
John O’keefe

Masterful Teacher And Performer!
“Mike improved my speed and broke years of bad Habits”

I had lost my chops, and I wanted to get them back, especially my speed, but I hadn’t taken any lessons from anybody in over 30 years. My older brother took me to see Mike play, and after that heavy, masterful performance, I knew I needed him as my teacher if I was going to get my mojo back. Luckily he is as good a teacher as he is a player — very calm, patient, and friendly — and I started to grow as he helped me break all kinds of terrible years-long habits. He also helped open my mind to the importance of knowing theory, and he helped me realize that understanding what I’m playing would give me confidence. Not only did my speed improve, but I also quickly started getting unsolicited compliments from all my fellow improvisers; they all said I was just sounding better and playing more thoughtfully and melodically. BONUS!
Tim Mungenast

Mike is the nicest, most mild mannered teacher I have ever had…Mike has never missed a lesson no matter where he is in the world”

I’ve been taking lessons from Mike since I was 10 years old. Being 10 years old when I first met him, I was a little intimidated. However I quickly learned Mike is the nicest, most mild mannered teacher I have ever had. I have taken 2 lessons a week every week for 7 years and Mike has never missed a lesson no matter where he is in the world (online lessons). Mike starts every lesson with warmups and music theory. Seeing Mike apply the theory he was teaching me to his playing showed me how important music theory is. Now to the fun stuff, I like to learn a lot of my favorite songs. Mike has the ability to learn any song (Jimi Hendrix, Metallica, John Mayer, Guns N’ Roses) in about 5 minutes and play it back to me as good, if not better than the actual artist (THIS IS NOT A JOKE). I look forward to continuing my lessons throughout college.
George Arakelian