Electric City


Track List
1. Eleventh Degree
2. Shred Machine
3. Heaavy Thing
4. Cruisin Across the Mojave
5. Over the Top
6. Kauai Blue
7. Closer to the Sun
8. Napali Coast
9. Punk Ass
10. LandShark
11. Shred
12. The Bitch Upstairs
13. Butterfingers
14. Camelryde


Electric City is the 7th solo release from guitar virtuoso Mike Campese. The 14 song, over 76 minute CD is filled with some of the most blistering guitar work Mike has ever recorded. The CD kicks off with a bang with the tune “Eleventh Degree” featuring some intense melodic shredding and jazzy harmonies. Just when you thought you heard some crazy guitar playing, Campese takes it up another notch with “Shred Machine”, which is just pure non stop shredding done very tastefully. This is defiantly Mike Campese’s most heaviest CD to date, with the down tuned song “Heavy Thing” and the in your face progressive vocal tune “LandShark”. Mike Campese really shows off his versatility with the indian inspired tunes like “Cruisin Across the Mojave” and “Camelryde”. Like each Mike Campese CD there is something for everyone, Campese does some pretty intense over the top guitar work, especially on the demonic arpeggio blistering tune “Over The Top”, which Paganini fans would love, and the face melting tune “Napali Coast”. Mike does sing on a few tracks on this disc like on the epic tune “Kauai Blue”, which is loaded with lush harmonies. Mike can really shred but he has a strong sense of melody that he is known for which can be heard on his catchy ballad “Closer To The Sun” that has some beautiful haunting melodies. Campese even gets a little funky on the tunes “Butterfingers” and “Punk Ass”, featuring some hip sassy melodies. The Mike Campese fans are going to love this CD and it should bring him over the top.

Released June 2010

Mike Campese on the cover of his ELECTRIC CITY albumElectric City