Full Circle


Track List
1. Touch the Sky
2. Torches
3. Dark Aqua
4. Happy Snow
5. Burgundy Mist
6. Scatterbrain
7. Africa
8. Angeel
9. Velvet
10. Crash and Burn
11. In the Mirror
12. Bourbon ST
13. Whole Steppin
14. Walkaway
15. Tinted Windows
16. Rescue me
17. Loralie


A variety of different styles of music mixed together, rock, blues, jazz, acoustic, with virtuoso guitar playing, instrumental and vocal tracks.  The Cd contains acoustic and electric guitar compositions and it is over 74 Minutes in length.  “Full Circle” was featured on National Public Radio (NPR) stations across the country and was on regular rotation.

Released 2000

Mike Campese on the cover of his FULL CIRCLE albumFull Circle