Track List
1. To the 9’s
2. Chameleon
3. Raise the Bow
4. She Burnt the House Do
5. Pasta & Bananas
6. Funky Monkey Man
7. Flashback
8. Vegas (Playing the Slots)
9. Firefly in a Bottle
10. Kilauea
11. Do It for the Cats
12. Meant to Be


Mike Campese is back with a new solo release, titled “Chameleon”.  This is Mike’s 8th solo Cd, it contains 12 new tracks and it is a little over 60 minutes.  This Cd really packs a punch, If you heard Mike’s previous Cd’s you will realize that he has really honed his writing and musicianship.  The first track “To the 9’s” is slamming, it is a blistering tune with incredible melody and alone it is worth the price of the Cd.  Not only is Mike a guitar virtuoso, but he does sing on a few tracks on this disc as well.  The titled track “Chameleon” has some real nice haunting melodies and some nice lush vocal harmonies.  There is some serious shredding on this Cd and plenty of melody as well.  With the blistering guitar and the Paganini inspired section in the tune “Raise the Bow” and the multiple meter changes in the song “Pasta and Bananas”, that progressive rock fans will love.  Mike returns with his blues roots on the tune “She Burnt the House Down”, which has some incredible soaring leads that are in your face and some real nice vocal melodies.  Campese gets funky on this Cd as well, the tunes “Funky Monkey Man” and “Firefly in a Bottle”, feature some pretty awesome funk grooves and some nice vocal lines.  If you have been following Mike’s music and career, you will know that Mike is known for his great sense of melody and melodic shredding on the guitar.  A perfect example of this is the tune “Flashback”, this beautiful ballad was inspired when Mike was living in Hollywood and attending Mi.  “Vegas”(playing the slots) is probably one of the most unique tunes on the Cd.  When you are listening to this song, you will think you are in Vegas playing a slot machine.  Now, let’s cross the pacific ocean, the Hawaiian volcano inspired tune “Kilauea” erupts with some incredible guitar lines with some in your face guitars.

For the first time on any Mike Campese Cd, Mike has a very special guest, his friend, and guitar legend, Vernon Reid of Living Colour.  Mike and Vernon are trading off with some crazy solos at the end of the jazzy tune “Do it for the Cats”  Mike is a very versatile guitarist and on each Cd, he incorporates a little jazz and other styles in his music, which makes him known as a musical Chameleon.  The last tune “Meant to Be” is another jazzy tune with a great groove and some very catchy melodies.  Mike Campese fans are going to love this Cd and it is the one they have been waiting for.

Released September 2013

Mike Campese on the cover of his CHAMELEON albumChameleon