1. Fire
2. Bee Eater
3. Tension in Motion
4. The Truth
5. Reset
6. Dance
7. Waisted Time
8. Space Dragon
9. Talker
10. The Silent Weapon
11. Let it Ride
12. Elephants in the Backyard


November 2022 – Las Vegas Nevada

It was 2020 during a global pandemic and Mike Campese was locked in his studio, composing and recording over 21 songs.

As the world and his life were simultaneously resetting, Mike crafted 12 new songs, and the album, “Reset,” was born.

The 11th solo album by virtuoso guitarist/composer, Mike Campese, is 55 minutes long, consists of 12 songs featuring 6 instrumental and 6 vocal tracks. The album also features amazing drumming by drummer, Patrick Johansson.

The album kicks off with a driving, classical rock composition, “Fire,” then straight into the heavy, rhythmic track, “Bee Eater,” followed by haunting melodies in “Tension in Motion” and a never-before dance track, “Dance.”

Like all of Mike’s albums, there is something for everyone. The title track, “Reset,” is a bluesy offering while “Waisted Time” follows the ever-popular ballad theme. Mike revisits his youth of wanting an elephant in his backyard with the rock-driven, slide tune, “Elephants in the Backyard.” Mike’s love for the funk is expressed in “Talker” and “Let it Ride,” proving that Mike can lay down a groove and make it his own. Lastly, “Space Dragon,” inspired by the space mission to Mars was created and will give you the feeling of being in space.

Once again, the versatile musician has crafted a smorgasbord of music that has defined his style. Mike’s guitar playing on this album features an abundance of fierce shredding and melodies, with no signs of slowing down.

All compositions by Mike Campese (BMI)
Produced by Mike Campese
Copyright 2022, Mike Campese Music

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