The New


Track List
1. Misty Seas
2. All Or Nothing
3. I Believe
4. Mission Mars
5. Swing Thing
6. Lucky
7. The Unknown
8. Crying For Freedom
9. Sonata
10. Empty Space In My Heart
11. A Cry With No Tears
12. Somebody Say Yeah
13. Majestic Rays
14. Majestic Rays (Reprise)
15. Chompin At The Bit
16. Before A Storm
17. Matt The Cat
18. Fur Ariel


Mike Campese is back with his 4th solo c.d. “The New”.  The 18 song, 72 minute CD features some of Mike’s best work.  “The New” Cd features 11 instrumentals and 7 vocal tunes.  Campese proves on this Cd that he is one of the top versatile guitarists, with a strong sense of melody.  There is something for everyone on this Cd. Shred lovers will love Mike’s blistering solos throughout the Cd.  “All Or Nothing” and  “Before A Storm” are some of Mike’s most ferocious guitar playing.  Plus, there are some nasty grooves on the disc, like in the Fusion burner “Chompin at The Bit” and in the tune “Swing Thing”, which, features some scary 32 note vocal scat lines. “A Cry With No Tears” and “Crying For Freedom”  feature some of Mike’s strongest melodies.  Mike breaks out his acoustic guitar for the epic “Majestic Rays” and the romantic piece “Fur Ariel”.  Guitar virtuoso Mike Campese constructs some well-written compositions on this disc that people will love.  He knows when to shred and when to be melodic.

Released 2005

Mike Campese on the cover of his THE NEW albumThe New