Total Freedom


Track List
1. Amberay
2. Sea
3. Thunder And Rain
4. Sun
5. Heaven
6. Jungle
7. Last Train Out (acoustic)
8. Blizzard
9. Indian War
10. Space
11. Freedom (Guitar Solo Opus 1)
12. Jewels


Mike Campese’s Total Freedom CD features a number of his solo pieces put together to create a story and to express his versatility as a guitarist and writer. The album establishes many moods, with some pieces recorded with only one or two tracks. Campese handles all the instrumentation, while the music covers a significant dynamic range, from introspective (“Amberay”, “Last Train Out”, “Heaven”) to high-tech guitarmanship (“Freedom”, “Indian War”). With Total Freedom, Campese delivers another round of highly accomplished fretwork and stylistic variety. This CD will be liked by all music lovers, something for everyone!

I’m Sitting Here listening to your Recording and I’m Really digging it, The work you put into it Really shows. — Wayne Krantz
Released 2001 Remastered

Mike Campese on the cover of his TOTAL FREEDOM albumTotal Freedom