Track List
1. Prelude
2. Broken
3. Monkey’s
4. Zinger
5. Aries Suite No.1
6. Out of the Box
7. Morphins
8. Tuesday
9. Vibe
10. Silver
11. Aries Suite no.2
12. Memories
13. The Whip
14. Whammy too
15. Aries Suite no.3
16. Guitar Conceerto No.1 in C


Mike Campese announces the release of his third solo CD. Titled Vibe, the 16-track, 73-minute CD captures the unique rock fusion sound that has become his trademark style. Mike’s virtuosity extends across a full range of musical styles, infusing rock with blues, jazz and classical. The tracks include instrumental and vocal arrangements, electric and acoustic.

Vibe demonstrates Mike’s versatility as an artist and performer. In addition to composing and arranging all music on the CD, Mike performs all guitar tracks as well as bass, keyboards, and vocals.  I feel Vibe is a true representation of my development as a writer and lead guitarist.

Released 2003

Mike Campese on the cover of his VIBE albumVibe