The Dirty Room – Review of “The Fire Within”

MIKE CAMPESE – The Fire Within (Self Released)
Mike Campese is one of the premier guitar players in the world. His list of accomplishments would take up two or three full pages too list. He’s played and opened for countless bands and has toured all over the world. He is one of the most respected guitar instructors and teachers in the world. He was also part of the Trans-Siberian Orchestra. Campese also has a long and successful solo recording career as well. The Fire Within is his 10th solo release and while the man has never made anything but gold in the past, personally I think this is the best album he’s ever done. Campese is hitting on all cylinders. The opening track “The Battel of Pompeii” is a teaser of sorts to get you ready for a ferocious album full of the best shred in the world the deepest melodies, heavy riffs, out of this world technicality and some killer blues as well. The title track “The Fire Within” and “Feed the Flame” will make your head spin with fast and furious shredding. “On the Road to Liguria” and “Lies” have a very melodic, 80’s MTV vibe to them. “All Alone” is a deep and heavy power ballad of sorts that highlights Campese’s soulful vocals. “Tuscan Road” is the perfect song to play while you’re doing some canyon carving twisting roads on your motorcycle. “Walking Contradiction” has a great funky Stevie Ray Vaughn/Gary Moore feel to it. The closing track “Hana Highway” is flat out awesome blues. Campese has always made albums that have something for everyone no matter what style you prefer or play it’s impossible not to love every minute of every album. You can tell and feel that every song has a personal and deep feeling to them. Music should make you feel good and great songs played by great musicians should draw you in and make you want to hear more and Campese has done that throughout his career. As a guitar player myself listening to Campese play is both amazes and inspires me to strive to be a better player. The Fire Within is another album of pure perfection from one of the best in the world. Everyone will appreciate and love this album so don’t hesitate to pick this up. (Groovy the Metal Chicken)

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