“The Fire Within” Review/Rock Expert

New York based guitar virtuoso, Mike Campese continuing his musical journey with a new album entitled “The Fire Within”. The guitarist’s 10th solo release is another exciting guitar based musical experience consisting in total of 12 songs for about 50 minutes long. It’s another fun combination of pure dazzling instrumental stuff with fine vocal tracks as well. A somewhat classic guitar virtuoso style record that can make its listener feeling nostalgic as if they’re reminiscing that late 80’s – early 90s era. Although there’s that strong vintage element, but sound wise there’s plenty of modern aspect being implemented to make things up to date.

The new album immediately starts out with an epic kind of atmosphere from ‘The Battle Of Pompeii’, which inspiration arrives to Mike during his time in Italy, notably after visiting the ruins of Pompeii. It’s a song with that soundtrack like composition, combining exquisite guitar playing with historic themed atmosphere. Following that opener is the record’s title track, “The Fire Within” that present the virtuoso’s technical playing in a neo classic kind of approach. It’s certainly an intriguing instrumental piece that showcase an excellent guitar shredding work from start to finish. The track itself also has an accompanying music video to help support its world wide promotion as everyone can access it via youtube.

Another exciting track for guitar heads to check out would be ‘Feed the Flame’ that also showcase stunning technical work with fun runs, chops and all of those fun shredding stuff. In this album, Mike also able to showcase his musical versatility as he also dive into different genre from a metal inspire piece with ‘Broken Promise’ or ‘Desire’ or something with more funky touch like ‘Walking Contradiction’ and ‘Throw it all Away’, with the latter also adding an electronic feel into. Music fans who enjoy something more melodic or slow ballad can check out ‘All Alone’ that has that comforting atmosphere when listening to it.

Inspiration for Mike can truly come from anywhere as it’s also proven in some tracks from this album which were inspired by roads. ‘Hanna Highway’, ‘On the Road to Linguria and ‘Tuscan Road’ all of those songs came to light after he experienced a memorable road trip. In all, it’s definitely a very fun and exciting record that the guitarist is very proud of making. His basic idea of crafting that melodic shredding style is being presented in such vivid manner as despite providing such devastating technical playing, it never lose its melodies.

Overall, “The Fire Within” is an entertaining and exciting guitar based album that should provide plenty joy for guitar heads or many rock/metal music lovers. Naturally, this style of music, especially with the strong emphasize on guitar playing is not for everyone. However, those who is comfortable with this genre, should find the songs in this album enjoyable.

Here is the full track list for Mike Campese’s “The Fire Within”:

1. The Battle of Pompeii

2. The Fire Within

3. Broken Promises

4. On the Road to Liguria

5. All Alone

6. Feed the Flame

7. Desire

8. Throw it all Away

9. Lies

10. Tuscan Road

11. Walking Contradiction

12. Hana Highway

Album’s release date: April 25, 2019.

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Here is the official music video for Mike Campese’s new song ‘The Fire Within’:

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