New Album “Reset” Now Available!

Mike’s 11th album, “Reset”, is now available. 12 new tracks, officially released on Nov.11th, 2022. You can now purchase it in the store, here!

Influences for the album:


“Most of this album was recorded during the pandemic and some of it was done before.  I ended up writing and recording 23 songs.  I had more time to focus on writing and recording.  Normally, If I’m not traveling, I would record a song or two and then head out on the road and then come back to recording after I returned home.  It took a bit longer that way.  Having the extra time to focus on the recordings was great and I can take my time. 

 There are some reasons why I called the album, “Reset”.  One of them is because the world is resetting after and during the pandemic, which the planet can fix itself overtime after a disaster.  The issue can be the people on the planet are destroying it with the pollution, overconsumption and more.

Also, as the world is resetting there is some new beginnings in my life that I have been exploring.  I think it is important for a musician to always improve themselves in life and music.